young adult women biology using the word microinvalidation

It’s a group work so my specific topic is young adult women biology using the word microinvalidationAnd I only need 5 pageshow the biological, psychological and social systems impact human behavior as it relates to micro aggressions. Presentations must address both the traditional and alternative paradigms/theories and perspectives and models that are relevant to Erikson’s model of human development as they relate to generalist practice with systems of all sizes. The presentations must include information from the text, articles, class lectures, supplemental readings and references. The professor will select groups on the second class. Please do not wait until after the midterm to begin this assignment. There should be handouts for the class. The handouts should be included in the appendix of the paper, which is due at the end of the presentation. Paper must conform to the latest edition of the APA Manual Times new Roman, Font size 12 and must include at least 10 academic journals or book sources, and be a minimum 15 pages but no more than 20 pages in length. Each member of the group must participate equally and fully in the preparation and delivery of the presentation and in the writing of the paper. The paper will be judged in its entirety not as individual components. However, each student will be judged individually for his/her presentation.Please note: This paper must also clearly demonstrate the impact of the biological, psychological and social systems at the micro, mezzo and macro levels.Please Note: Use the United Nations and National Public Radio websites for additional and up-to-date resources and discussions on poverty and oppression from rural, global and ecological perspectives, and In addition the references include several old but important sources that are paramount to understanding child