Why do we write?

We have always received questions of why we write-even engage professional writers. To many of us essay writing is a hobby and passion more than even the pay that comes with it. In addition helping students in our own small way makes the whole difference.

Some of us spent most of their academic life doing assignments, writing term papers, among others that we never enjoyed our academic life. Academic life is part of someone’s life that one should enjoy unlike working, raising family (though others enjoy). These experiences made some of our writers feel the urge to help the students have a better academic life than them. “In our time we spent most of our times on writing and researching on some things that do not matter currently, we spent time in the library even before the internet came. We did not enjoy that life or even networked with our friends and spent quality time with our families”, said Mark-one of our senior writers.

Having spent time writing in college, there were gaps that were created then, mending those gaps with our friends and family has been one of the most difficult job after college. These is because those were the times most people in our lives growing up therefore getting closer or loosing them in the process would be more like it depending on what you did then. Some friends and family sought of ‘moved on’ in the process so getting them back into our lives means getting them to change some of their normal way of live which can be hard and depressing. Like writing a Thesis, from proposal writing to presentation is a time consuming affair which makes a lot of sleepless nights, migraines, long sitting hours among others. So why would you go through the same?

Every process in life involves refinement to make it better. For example when internet came, you could download a 3MBs document for hours if not days, currently? Your answer is as good as mine. So why do you have to take the difficult blows from your studies while we could offer a helping hand in thesis, dissertation, essays, admission essays, scholarship essay & letters, research proposals, term papers among others? The answers just a click away, make your order today.

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