Typical products (flanges).


Manufacturing and logistics industries involve the movement of physical items through a series of processes and acted upon by discrete resources.  Being aware that industry is under constant pressure to provide high quality, timely products while utilising the minimum of resources you are required to research and apply appropriate Lean Tools and techniques within Evenort, a small manufacturing business situated based in South Yorkshire.  Thereby helping the business better identify and remove waste.  Below,
 REF _Ref271703509 h Figure 1


, is an aerial photograph of Evenort’s premises.  It should be noted from the photograph that there is little room for expansion as there is a train track behind the factory and buildings on either side.  It may be possible to extend the building towards the main road if required.

General Company Background



Incorporated in Sheffield in 1982, Evenort is currently situated over two sites.  The Head Office and main manufacturing site is at Houghton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 4JJ, UK.  With its plasma cutting workshop based at: Shop 12, Robert Jenkins Works, Wortley Road, Rotherham, S61 1LT, UK.


Evenort’s commitment to manufacturing excellence has established the company as a reliable partner in the processing of Stainless Steel.  Evenort’s business proposition is to supply high value bespoke products, typically flanges, produced within 24hours of order, to the highest quality standards and manufactured from alloys appropriate to the environment, be it sour or acidic.  As such their products are often used in the oil and gas industries.


The Production Process


Evernort offers a range of products and services which includes:

Steel & Alloy Flanges

Bar Processing

Advanced Manufacturing

Deep Water Shipments

Plasma Cutting


However, the focus of this case study is Evenort’s Head Office where flanges are machined, either from cut bar or semi finished castings.


Semi finished forgings are usually purchased from Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. based in India of whom Evenort owns a substantial share of and is the official UK agent.


Examples of typical products (flanges).


The flanges come in a variety of sizes but typically range in size from 98mm Dia to 597mm Dia and are manufactured from stainless steel.
 REF _Ref271699832 h Figure 2


 REF _Ref271699836 h Figure 3


illustrate and provide schematics of the products.

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