Total Rewards Plan and Presentation

You have been hired to completely revamp the Total Rewards plan for the Company and senior management has given you a great deal of leeway to develop a recommended plan. They are expecting you to develop and recommend a detailed Total Rewards strategy and plan. Senior management is expecting you to present your written recommendation on the last night of class. Your presentations should be a formal, business-style presentation of your Total Rewards Plan.


This presentation should be no longer than 15 slides in length. Your Total Rewards plan should be tailored to address the various, distinct areas (executive management, administrative office, sales and warehouse/shipping) of the company as each area may require a different approach. Your plan should address the concerns raised by management (employee engagement, internal/external parity, drive performance consistent with company goals and objectives, connect employees with customers), ensure legal compliance and employee retention. Though there is no expectation that your plan with contain detail plans of benefits, etc. your plan should contain sufficient detail to thoroughly explain your thinking to senior management. You should include the justification for your recommendation in your written recommendation.