This is Us (Drama TV Series: Watch 3 sequential episodes). (Netflix for first season or CTV online for current season) – Essaylink

The process for this activity is as follows:
You are to select to watch one of the following movie/dramas:
Glass Castle
This is Us (Drama TV Series: Watch 3 sequential episodes). (Netflix for first season or CTV online for current season)
The Pursuit of Happyness (Netflix)
The Blind Side
I Am Sam
Still Alice
Using the issues/changes that the individual family members and the family as a system experience, you are asked to apply your knowledge of systems theory to the family unit and individual family members in the movie using the following guidelines:
Identify and define two key issues/changes that you believe are impacting the family system and individual family members.
Describe how each of the issues/changes that you identified above impacts the family system and the individual family members.
Connect your observations back to research.
You should spend approximately equal writing space to each of the two issues/changes you identified.
Complete an Ecomap for one of the characters in the movie that is most relevant to the issues/changes you have discussed. The following schematic will give you some idea about what an Ecomap might look like and the information that it should reflect. Try and create your Ecomap using either the printable template below or using a graphic program of your choice.
Identify the family system and individual family member’s strengths as they pertain to the issues/changes you identified above.
Within your paper, you are required to reference at least two reference sources, other than your textbook and the movie itself, to support what you write.
For example, think of a movie with a death of a parent as an event. If you believe the issue of the pending death of a parent impacts the surviving children; you would describe specifically how death impacts the children and the family system. Research how a teenager views death and deals with the feelings around death and how that is different from a younger child’s perceptions and behaviours. Directly connect this research to the behaviours and experiences of the characters in the movie.
All of this is to be compiled in essay form using APA format:
contains introduction and conclusion
issues/changes section should be approximately 750 words
strengths section should be approximately 250 words
Ecomap contains a title and a legend as described in course materials
title page and reference pages included