The Transition Away From LIBOR

This assignment is to be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Written Case Assignments in the course Syllabus. However, this paper may be expanded, but not to exceed 4 double spaced pages with not less that a #11 font. Do not show your team letter on the cover sheet. You must show the course number and your name on the cover sheet as the author of this research paper. Prepare a research paper fully discussing The Transition Away From LIBOR. In doing so, along with your research you may want to discuss issues such as: What’s LIBOR, how is it determined and how is it used? What’s the current estimated value of financial products based on LIBOR? How will the transition away from LIBOR occur? What is the timetable? What will replace LIBOR? Will the replacement of LIBOR vary from country to country? What happens to loans and other contracts which are based on LIBOR which have a maturity date beyond the LIBOR cancellation date? What are the arguments for SONIA vs SOFR and do they differ from LIBOR and if so, how? What should companies do to prepare for this event? You may want to search the AFP Website along with various other published articles as research sources. When you write your paper, unless it’s your original work, be sure to cite your sources. When preparing a Web source footnote, citations need to show the Web address where the podcast or other information was found and the date you listened to or viewed it.