The Researched Literary Argument-East of Eden

For this paper, you will be writing a researched, literary argument.

Your paper should be well-organized with clear supporting points and relevant evidence; take care that you properly summarize, paragraph, or quote your sources (with the necessary context and in-text citations) as necessary. You will also need a counterargument to address an opposing perspective. Unlike our previous papers, I will not be assigning a question/prompt for you to answer. The prompt for this paper will be based on your own personal topic of interest related to East of Eden. To help you begin brainstorming, here are some common approaches to consider:

1. Discuss the relevance/significance of a specific character. Is the character realistic or symbolic in a particularly meaningful way?

2. Analyze the text based on a specific perspective. For example, how would a feminist critic read East of Eden?

3. Analyze a reoccurring image, motif, theme, or symbol. Is there anything that you noticed that repeats throughout the novel that you believe to be significant?

4. Respond to critical analysis. Did you come across an argument that you agree or disagree with? Why or why not? It is important to note that we are not the first class to discuss East of Eden. Acknowledging others’ work, or establishing our own writing in relation to existing arguments or scholars, is an important feature of academic writing.