The reason Gangs play a role of very important in Lac’s young life because he thinks that they can fulfill the love, protection, and acceptance that he needs from his family.

 We read the book called, I Love You Are for White People . This Essay is about the guys name Lac Su from the book. Lac Su’s memoir tells the story of his family’s escape from postwar Vietnam and their struggles adjusting to life in America. Lac chronicles his experiences growing up as he continues to seek love and acceptance–both from his strict father and from the gang life. Your Task: What role do gangs play in Lac’s youth? To what extent do these relationships meet his needs? Include: an introduction that orients your reader to the topic, a text-based thesis statement that provides your own interpretation of the book, body paragraphs that support your thesis and follow the PIE (or TEA or AXES) organizational strategy, and a conclusion that leaves your reader with something bigger to consider.