Statistics 212: Relevance of statistical methodology

To emphasize the relevance of statistical methodology, students will complete a group project.

Projects are meant to provide a practicum for applying methods to a real dataset. The paper should be comprehensive and cohesive, including relevant tables, figures, and analyses. Please see below for information relating to what should be included in the project. As this is meant to be a culmination of what you have learned in the course, your project should include many aspects of the class: data collection, descriptive statistics (both numerical and graphical), and inference/modeling. You will be working in a group of three students. Groups will be formed in recitation shortly after the semester begins. It is expected that each member of the group equally contributes to the final project. You will analyze data from the Census at School database ( Download a random sample of size 250 using the Random Sampler choosing any states, grades, genders and data collection years you would like.

Choose any two variables from the database that you would like to analyze ( With two variables, you will be in the situation of a Case CC, Case CQ, or Case QQ analysis. Your paper should consist of no more than 3 pages of concisely written single-spaced text (tables and graphs are included in the 3 page limit; however the references and appendix are not. Furthermore, the title and abstract should be on a separate page (with no other information listed). You should use Arial, 11 pt font, single spaced, with standard 1 inch margins. Each section (or subsection) should receive a heading. You should submit any code and software output in the form of an appendix. Your paper should follow the structure that is outlined below 1. Title (on title page) 2. Abstract (on title page) 3. Background (part of 3 pages) 4. Methods (part of 3 pages) 5. Results (part of 3 pages) 6. Discussion/Conclusions (part of 3 pages) 7. References (not included in the 3 page limit)