The following questions are based on our discussions in lecture. Answer each question. Each answer should be approximately 2 typewritten pages in length (double-spaced, 10-12 point font [preferably Times New Roman], 1” margins). Longer answers are acceptable, but not required. 1. One of our lectures addressed the economy and how it operates as a social institution. What is an “economy,” and what is the importance of an economy in society? How have economies changed over time? 2. One of our lectures addressed kinship and the family. What is “kinship,” and how has kinship changed over time, from hunter/gatherer societies to the industrial age? 3. One of our lectures addressed collective behavior and social movements. What is a “social movement?” What are the different ways to classify social movements? What are the perspectives that address how social movements originate, and based on these perspectives, why do people participate in social movements