So1007: Explore the Importance of on-going Professional Development and Self-Directed Learning: Introduction To Sociology Assignment, UOA, UK – Essaylink

There are four learning outcomes to this unit:

1.Explore the importance of on-going professional development and self-directed learning to enhance professional identity and career opportunities

2.Assess own skills, competencies, and the different learning and development approaches

3.Design a professional development plan, within a specific work context

4.Demonstrate a range of service industry and transferable skills for a job application

Scenario and Activity:

You are considering a career promotion or a career change but have been uncertain about the approach to take to review your options. You have decided to employ the help of a career coach to mentor you through the process of professional development and skills enhancement.

To ensure that you are fully aware of what it involves, your mentor has asked you to outline the importance and benefits of undertaking ongoing development in an organization of your choice or your own place of work if appropriate.

Based on the above scenario, you are required to complete a report that should include the following:

Critically evaluate how your own abilities, skills, and competencies meet the employer expectation of professional skills required for a selected job role in a specific organization including the most appropriate developmental approach and a range of learning theories to develop personal and professional skills for that specific job role. At the same time, you will have to consider evaluating the importance and benefits of on-going professional development for different stakeholders and the associated professional skills and competencies requirements within a specific organization.

Produce a comprehensive development plan that sets out clear and achievable targets to enhance chosen skills and competencies as well as the strategies and outcomes of learning and training within a specific work context.