Services and sustainability

Every business organization is expected to adhere to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Sustainability is part of the CSR and organizations are required to have full information regarding its sustainability policies. The service industry is currently facing challenges on the side of sustainability. An example of a company service that is experiencing issues is Uber where the government of London is refusing to license the company in the claim of lack of sustainability policies. Find another example or elaborate on this one.

  1. Another topic worth a research is the increased demand for services. The service industry is believed to be taking over industrialization. Most of the countries deemed to be rich earned the title from absorbing industrialization and earning for it. Currently, most of the activities have shifted from manufacturing to service provision. services are said to be the source of income for the developing nations. Some countries such as China which is an emerging market has taken over on the marketing service. Hence, there is the need to conduct a research based on the aspect of services taking over industrialization.
  2. Another issue that can be dealt with is the effects of increased use of services across the world. Most of the countries are dealing with services provided. The increased use of the services has both positive and negative effects on a nation. Some of the countries have reported the negative effects of adapting to service provision. The topic will help bring out both sides of the use of the service industry.

Then Design an A3 poster, akin to academic poster presentations at conferences, to provide a short overview of the chosen issue and its context. Most importantly, the poster needs to show how I will address the topic later on in the individual essay (i.e. an indication of the argument outline). (Note that the essay will be around 1,500 words.)


Use graphs, pictures any relatable sources on the Poster.



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