programs that have evolved over time. Through internalizing of learning, students will begin to immediately apply what they are learning and will document their learning via responses to three short essay questions. This exercise is designed to help everyone understand statistical measures and quality control. Instructions: 1. Read the learning resources available in this unit. 2. Write 2-3 pages to provide more in-depth analysis and consideration when answer the following questions. Describe an activity that would require an RFP and why it should be handled with an RFP instead of a RFQ or a partnership. Describe a procurement task. Rate it for the amount of uncertainty of the scope, cost, schedule, and risk. Choose a contract type and explain why that contract type would be an appropriate choice for that set of uncertainties. Describe requirements of a particular quality method, and describe how a postproject review would meet that standard. Use at least 3-4 sources to support the claims you make in your paper. This allows you to use both our text and external sources to fully respond to the questions. Your essay should display a thorough understanding of statistical measures and quality control.