Research Question Impact of having an education and if it at all leads to the impact of having a positive healthy lifestyle

I am performing my research on the impact of having an education and if it at all leads to the impact of  having a positive healthy lifestyle. I have performed research and found great sources that support my research topic in an adequate way. Through my findings I was able to find connects between two important factors. The first is the connection that education has with living a healthier lifestyle. The second finding was if age and education have an effect on obtain a healthier lifestyle. I will further explain my reasonings with support that I have found from various sources.

First Finding Connection with Education and Living a Healthier Lifestyle

The first finding is the connection between education and living a healthier lifestyle. This is highly important because if you have a higher education there is a higher probability that you will maintain a well balanced life. Therefore you will be more conscious of what  you place in to your body and the importance of caring for your health. Throughout my research I found that those without a college education do not care as much for their personal health. Those who are college educated will not smoke and will drink with moderation. It was also proven that individuals that are educated will go to yearly check ups frequently unlike those who do not have an education.


In the first source that I found Mirowsky and Ross (1988) describe the realtionship between educated individuals and the achievement of having a healthy lifestyle. The study also demonstrates the importance of passing on and making sure their children also obtain a healthy lifestyle.In order to obtain all the data there was a random data sampling performed. Participants between the ages of 18 and 95 were telephoned and interviewed.


The second source I found was Ross and Wu (2008) the researchers analyze three research questions that are the following. In this section only one of the questions affects this particular study. The question is “Do individuals have control over a healthier lifestyle”(Ross,Wu 2008). This question was proven correct those who have a education will have a healthier lifestyle over all regardless of


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Second Finding Older Adults Live Healthier and Relaxed Lifestyle

The Second finding is quite important when older educated individuals have finished working and are now relaxing enjoying their retirement it is easier to obtain a healthy lifestyle. It is proven that the older educated white man will live longer than the younger uneducated young man. This is because throughout the lifespan this individual maintain a well balanced diet and ate moderately and would work out moderately as well.

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