Report API – Computer science

Report API – Computer science Description The document will have the following sections: Requirement Description Marks 1. An Introduction The introduction will expand the problem statement to describe how the API fits together. For instance: a. Textual description of the problem and the proposed solution. (4 Marks) c. Describe how you tackle the Security concern across the whole API. (8 Marks) Introduction is to be approximately 2 pages. 20 Marks 2. The RESTful API The API describes all the entry points for the above problem domain. 30 Marks JAVA API is docment must be bases. Bank project. Project the document will be based: Problem Domain Online Banking is a mainstream service offered by most banks today. A typical consumer online banking application requires the following: ● A Customer: Customers are individuals with a name, correspondence address, email and security credentials. A customer can hold one or more accounts. ● An Account: An account has a sort code (identifying the branch), an account number and a current balance, The account has a list of transactions. ● A Transaction: Each transaction is either a debit or credit on a particular date, with a description and post-transaction balance. Customers will be able to do the following: Create – Customers should be able to create an account with the bank, and a customer who has an account should be able to add additional accounts. For example a typical customer may have a current account and a savings account. Lodgement – For the lodgement, a bank customer can specify the amount to lodge and the account to be credited. Transfer – For the transfer, the bank customer can specify the amount to transfer and an account to transfer to. Withdrawal – For withdrawal, the bank customer can specify the amount to withdraw and the account to be debited. Balance – The customer can request a balance on any account at any time.