Proposed Amendment

 You are to propose what you believe will be the 28th Amendment and explain the amendment’s purpose, why we need it, and how likely it would be to pass. Post your proposed amendment and discussion here. Show just how difficult it is to address an issue in an amendment, and perhaps why only 27 total have passed, including the Bill of Rights (10) and the Civil War Amendments (3). BASICALLY SELECT WHAT COULD BE A NEW AMENDMENT AND FOLLOW THE DETAIALS FROM ABOVE. MORE THEN LIKELY THE NEW AMENDMENT WILL NOT PASS ANYWAYS. SUGGEST THE NEW AMENDMENT BE ABOUT “POPULAR VOTES” DURING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS AND ELEMINATING ELECTORAL VOTES. MAYBE USE AND EXAMPLE OF PAST PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEES WHO WON THE POPULAR VOTE BUT LOST THE ELECTION SUCH AS AL GORE AND/OR HILLARY CLINTON. IF POSSIBLE MAYBE ADD SOMETHING ABOUT ELECTORAL VOTES NOT BEING FAIR AND WHY THIS AMENDMENT PROPOSAL PROBABLY WOULD NOT PASS.