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Write a SPECIFIC data and research around mental health policy/disparities in Alaska. I submitted this to
paper help previously and got a very vague and general paper written. I put the assignment at 2 pages
because I am hoping to get some good research/data added into the paper, not start from scratch. Please let
me know if another page needs to be added.
I’ve also attached the current paper and the rubric feedback.
“You will create (individually) a five to seven page “problem statement and policy context” brief around your
chosen issue for Alaska Policy Makers, such as the Legislature.
In this brief, summarize the history and current status of health policy issues around a 2030 Healthy People
Topic (Objective #1) and use health data to support an argument that this area needs to see a policy change
(Objective #3).
This assignment should highlight health disparities present in the current policy environment (Objective #3) and
identify and describe ethical issues related to this policy issue (Objective #2). Ethical issues may include the
Belmont Report identified issues of “Respect for Persons,” “Beneficence,” and “Justice” or disparities in health
outcomes or funding, among other issues. Focus on describing how (if) the status quo is increasing/decreasing
health disparities and addressing other ethical issues.
Your brief should identify:
Who are the key players involved in this issue?
What health data exists around this issue?
What health disparities (if any) exist in this health policy area? How is the status quo increasing or reducing
What ethical considerations are related to policy in this area? How are they being addressed?
What kind of information will policy makers need to inform policy decisions going forward?”




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