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This assignment involves applying both theoretical and practical knowledge. This assignment is designed to assess your ability to: L1. Develop an in depth knowledge of risk crisis and resilience L2. Critically evaluate theories and practice in crisis and resilience Instructions: Produce a report, maximum 2000 words (excluding references) that addresses the following question. 1- Risk and resilience management is an important aspect for any organisation, how do social theories risk inform and affect our understanding of people’s behaviour (30%)? 2- Discuss with reference to at least two of these theories why this is important for developing risk and security Strategies (50%) Guide: This knowledge could be demonstrated either by one or two in detailed descriptions taken from a wider range of theoretical positions outlined in the list below: Risk perception, decision making, risk communication, safety culture, systemic failure, isomorphic system failure, high reliability organisations, risk homeostasis. General guidance: The assignment should be presented within a report structure. Each section of the report should be clearly structured and defined and an introduction or overview should be provided. Across the report you will also need to show evidence of assessing a range of resources, e.g. internet, journal articles, text books, official documents such as guidance standards and regulations


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