Out of the Shadow: a Russian Jewish Girlhood on the Lower East Side.

 Double spaced please and instructions given were: Begin your paper with an Intoductory paragraph. Do not just jump into a summary. The introduction should introduce the book, and author, the genre of the book and lay out the premise you are going to discuss/prove in your paper. Briefly summarize the plot and characters in the book. Include detail only to the degree that it is needed to explore a central topic or theme of the book or tom help you make a particular point. Do not retell the entire story! If the summary is taking up more than two pages, you’re probably going into too much detail! Identify the conflict, challenge or struggle central to the story. Every book generally has a reason it is being written, or the main point it is trying to make. What is it in your book? Place the story in its historical context. Relate the narrative and characters in the book back to our course and discussions we may have had about women from that time and place (or Jewish women more generally.) Does this woman/women fit into or challenge an accepted narrative about Jewish women? Is she an exemplar or challenger? You might (if it seems relevant) want to look at issues of identity in the book. Is there a more pronounced emphasis on one variable of identity more than another: gender, religion/ethnicity or nationality? (As in the example, let’s say, of an “American Jewish Woman” which comprises three variables of identity.) Zoom out and write something about the author and the time and context in which the book was written. Is the author male or female? Does that matter? Does the author seem to have any agenda or bias? Read reviews of this book and cite them. Include in your review some critiques by other reviewers and what the reception was for this book by the general audience (i.e. was this a bestseller?). Write a concluding paragraph. Don’t just leave me hanging! Tie up your loose ends. Bring it all together in the end and write a conclusion! .