Description 1. A big part of wireless security is making sure our signal doesn’t go too far outside our walls. However, we can’t really completely mitigate that risk. Many attacks come from an individual with too much time on their hands that just want to mess with someone. How easy is it to build your own antenna to receive signals from a long distance away? Use the internet to find the funkiest homemade wireless antenna and tell me about it. 2. Some of the tools you may use in IT for site surveys can include the Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and a Time Domain Reflectometer (each of these may not be used for wireless). What are the purposes of each of these instruments? You don’t have to give me a paragraph for each, just give me at least one paragraph total. 3. Outdoor site surveys bring a different set of challenges. What happens after a disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina, that takes out power and cell towers for a large geographical area? What do the wireless carriers do mitigate this threat or recover from a disaster? * each question should be answered in one paragraph, should not be in easy forum.