Neoliberalism as Neocolonialism

Neoliberalism as Neocolonialism Description Abstract This aim of the thesis is to provide a rigorous assessment on how neoliberal development precipitates a form of neocolonialism – from a postcolonial perspective. In order to do so, I wil (1) first present the rootrs and origins of development in colonialism, (2) then I will provide an account of neocolonial/neoliberal through aid development in Liberia… (3) …. Neoliberalism has in the past few decades influenced thought and practice throughout most of the world, and served as a hegemonic model for international development since the early 1980s. ….. Introduction problem statement Objective Literature review Methodology Part 1 – theory and history (conceptual issues) – … – Part 2 – practice/experience (examples practice IMF, WB) – …. – … Part 3 – alternative (decolonial global governance on development) – …. – …. Bibliography 120 references minimum Key Writer: Anibal Quijano Writers: Jan paul carte and Kwame Nukrumah, Edward Goldsmith etcc..