Mass shootings: A legal synopsis and analysis of the perpetrators of any mass casualty event that has occurred in the U.S. since 2000.


Your assignment for this research paper is to submit a legal synopsis and analysis of the perpetrators of any mass casualty event that has occurred in the U.S. since 2000. A mass casualty event is defined as an act, by a perpetrator, which results in the death of four or more persons unrelated or unknown to the offender. There is no requirement that the event be a school related shooting, though you may certainly choose this topic. This paper will serve as an in-depth analysis of the stressors that caused a person to enter into their crisis state, as well as how this tragedy could have been avoided. The format of your paper must include the following: 1) Typewritten 2) At least 8 pages in length 3) Double spaced with 1 inch margins 4) 12 point font 5) Follows either APA or MLA format for citations The paper must also include the following information: 1) Research from at least 5 outside sources (not including the textbook) 2) A bibliography page / Works Cited page (not counted towards total) 3) A cover page containing your name, the course name and the instructor’s name centered in the middle of the page. This page also does not count towards the page total. Your paper should constitute a complete psychological and stressor analysis into the person who committed the mass casualty event. This paper is not to be just a restatement of the facts of any case, and must involve cover a shooting with multiple fatalities. At a minimum, your work should include:


1) The factual history of the case


2) A complete stress analysis of the perpetrator of the crime



3) A complete analysis of what made the incident critical for the perpetrator, as well as an analysis of all outside factors.



4) A hypothetical debriefing of the perpetrator or victim to the crime 5) An analysis of how the situation became critical for the shooter. 6) A discussion of how this incident could have been avoided through de-escalation of the situation prior to the shootings.


This paper is not to be written from the perspective of the victim. We all know that those people were placed in a crisis situation. Rather, this paper is an analysis of the person who committed the slayings. Please discuss what put the perpetrator into a crisis, which resulted in the tragedy.