Leonardo da Vinci’s influence during Renaissance

This assignment is a plan, or prospectus, for your research paper. Begin by stating your topic and the specific aspect you plan to explore. For example, your topic might be Type 2 childhood diabetes (too broad a topic) and you might focus on what age groups (s) and what income levels are affected the most. Find four sources that might be helpful. At least two of these sources must be articles in scholarly journals. The others may be articles from popular magazines or websites. Please treat each article separately and follow these steps: 1. State the name of the author, the title of the article, and the title of the journal, magazine, or website in which you found it. Please give the volume, issue number, and date. 5 points 2. Summarize the article in one to three paragraphs. Make sure to include the author’s thesis and his/her supporting evidence. 8 points 3. Write an assessment of the article IN LIGHT OF WHAT IT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR RESEARCH AND HOW HELPFUL YOU EXPECT IT TO BE. For example, one source may give an overview of the topic while another cites specific cases. You may find one source appropriate for a general reader and another, too specialized or, on the contrary, too elementary. In view of these assessments, how likely are you to use this article as a source for your paper? 12 points