Large Group Interventions – CASE


At your current job or previous ones, you have probably felt at times that decisions have been made at the very top with little or no input from rank-and-file employees or mid-level managers. When it comes to large-scale organizational change, it is often desirable to get a wide range of opinions and information from a large number of employees at different levels of the organization. Not only will employees be more likely to go along with the change if they have input, but valuable information and input can be obtained if a wide range of employees are involved in the planning process.

However, it can be very difficult to involve a large number of employees in a decision-making process. There is always the danger of “too many cooks spoiling the broth” or an inability to reach some type of agreement. Fortunately, Organizational Development experts have created several techniques called Large Group Interventions that are specially designed to involve a larger number of employees in an organizational change process. Large Group Interventions typically involve holding a conference for two or three days with a large number of participants.


There are quite a few Large Group Interventions that are widely used. For this module, we will be focusing primarily on two techniques. Future Search is a relatively focused and structured method developed by Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbrod. The focus of Future Search is “getting the whole system in the room” and involving representatives of key stakeholder groups within the organization to find common ground on what kind of future is desired for the organization and how to reach this desired future outcome.


There are two short videos and two short articles, plus two in-depth book chapters to go through. There are also some optional readings in the background materials that you can use for your paper. It is important to make sure you understand the ins and outs of Open Space Technology and Future Search before starting on this assignment, so make sure to go through the readings and videos carefully before you start on this paper. For this assignment, you will be going through four scenarios. For each scenario, cite at least two of the readings from the background readings to support your answer. You need to cite at least four of the readings total for your paper—these can include both required and optional readings listed in the background materials. Your paper should be 4–5 pages in length: Please see the attached document for more details. Thank you in advance for the work you’re about to do.