Is the paper well organized? Is it laid out in a logical fashion?

Please note that the final paper must be 13-15 pages long (excluding the cover page,

table of contents, and bibliography) with one-inch margins. The text must be 12-point

Times New Roman and must be double-spaced. Your name must be on the cover page

and in the header or footer of every page of the document, and each page of the

document (other than the cover) must have a page number on it. The required

document format is PDF.

The papers will be graded on a 30-point scale using the six categories listed below

(listed with each category are the types of questions that will be considered in

determining the grade):

1. Organization and structure (4 points)

Is the paper well organized? Is it laid out in a logical fashion?

2. Spelling, grammar, style (3 points)

Is the paper easy to read? Do errors get in the way of the message?

3. Describing the problem (4 points)

Was it clear what issue you were interested in or trying to address?

4. Presentation of legal issues (8 points)

Did you clearly present the legal issues? What is the current state of the law? Did you

cite appropriate authority?

5. Analysis of the legal issues (8 points)

Did you present a thorough analysis of the legal issues presented by the problem or

issue you were addressing? Were you able to separate fact from opinion? Were you

able to make persuasive arguments supporting a position you might have taken? Was

your approach to the issues creative?

6. Conclusions (3 points)

Were you able to draw useful conclusions from your work? What did you learn? What

recommendations, if any, did you make about where the law should go in terms of

dealing with the issue you discussed?