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In an essay of three to four pages, you will design the look for your production of Oleanna.
Pretend you are the director for a production of Oleanna. Explain how you would use either costumes and
make-up, or sets and lighting, to convey your interpretation of the play to the audience.
Start your essay with an explanation of the theme or main idea you want to bring out in your production. Do not
give a plot summary. Instead, explain what your interpretation is of the characters’ personalities and goals in
the play. Then, think symbolically as to how the costumes and make-up, or the set and lighting, will reflect what
you are trying to tell the audience.
Be sure to explain WHY you made these choices (i.e. why is Carol wearing white and John in gray?). What is
the symbolic meaning behind your choices?
Oleanna has three acts. Reexamine your ideas for each act. How have things changed? Have costumes, set,
lighting, etc. reflect that change.
Remember to think in terms of color. Also, for costumes, make-up and hair count as part of the costume. As
each act takes place on a different day, characters should change clothes.
The physical set will not move (the walls of John’s office, his desk, etc.), however, items around the room can
change. Things on the wall, on the desk, on a bookshelf, shades or curtains on a window, etc. Plan out the
office first, then think about how it will change each act.


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