“Inherited Guilt

At the end of his discussion on “Inherited Guilt,” Grudem maintains, “Not all evangelical theologians… agree that we are counted guilty because of Adam’s sin” (p. 496). What do you believe about inherited guilt? Do humans inherit our sinful nature via Adam’s sin but not Adam’s guilt? One can make either case – inherited sinful nature plus guilt, or inherited sinful nature alone, which we act on to make us guilty – and still be faithful to Scripture (thus Grudem’s assertion about other evangelical theologians).

Your initial discussion post will answer this question about inherited guilt: Do you believe this or not? Answer and defend your position, citing Grudem, Scripture, and any other source you deem appropriate. Assuming that we will have folks on both sides of the issue, your classmate responses should be directed toward someone who disagrees with you. Determine the crux of their argument, listening faithfully to what he or she writes, then propose a question which counters that argument. Back up your question, and your disagreement with that person, with Scripture.