Infographic: “Translating” Writing Project

 Description Writing Project #4: Infographic: “Translating” Writing Project #3 (will be provided) for a “Public” Audience Due: Monday, December 10 via Google Classroom Requirements: -Your infographic should be one page, complete with flowcharts, graphs, and/or other appropriate visuals. -You may create your infographic in Google Slides, Docs, or any other program with which you are comfortable. -You must turn in your infographic as a .pdf file, however. -Please include a Works Cited page for the sources/info you include in your infographic We have spent all semester exploring our discourse communities. We study and write about discourse communities to help us see how writing functions contextually, for specific audiences and to convey specific meaning(s). Writing Project #3 required that you make an academic, researched argument taking a position on or proposing a solution to an issue/problem associated with a discourse community. As we have discussed, academic inquiry demands attention to data and context, with an audience in mind. In Writing Project #4, you will “translate” Writing Project #3 into a one-page infographic for your intended audience. For writing projects 1-3, your audience was primarily your peers and instructor. For Writing Project 4, your audience will be the “public.” The public audience may be your discourse community, the Fresno/Central Valley community, etc. You will need to select your intended audience, based on the question: “Who needs to know/may benefit from this information?” Your infographic should appeal to that audience in language and visuals. Be creative!