Infant/Toddler curriculum Evaluation

Infant/Toddler curriculum Evaluation Description for this assignment, you will research 2 different Infant Toddler Curriculums (Creative Curriculum, High Scope, Active Learning Series, etc.). Once you have reviewed the curriculums of your choice, you will need to provide an overall summary of the infant toddler piece of the curriculums. Next, choose one of the two curriculums that you reviewed and use the questions below to guide you through your analysis of whether the curriculum has the key components to be considered a high-quality infant toddler curriculum. Be sure to provide specific examples that highlight those areas that support the curriculum as being high quality. Analyze if your chosen curriculum: • Focuses on the relationship between child and caregiver • Promotes the establishment of primary caregiving relationships • Addresses development across domains; acknowledge the integration of infant toddler development across domains • Addresses the stages of infancy in some form, such as young infants, mobile infants, and toddlers • Promotes individualization for each child, based on his or her unique culture, developmental profile and needs (including children with special needs) • Promotes feeling of safety, security and belonging • Focuses on process over content • Focuses on an environment that promotes engagement over planned activities • Includes a focus on inclusion of families in planning for each child • Derives from theory and research?