Individual Report based on Operational Issues for a chosen tourism or hospitality organisation

LO2: Demonstrate skills in the effective practice of critical participant observation in hospitality and tourism settings and understand its limitations and ethical considerations

LO4: Resolve problems and poses possible solutions to typical industry operational dilemmas.

The Assignment Task: 1.

Describe the style of service, leadership and managerial qualities required to function as an effective General Manager of the Rosewood Spa Hotel. (LO2) – Good observation skills are essential for a number of reasons, including: – Identifying patterns of behaviour in care service users which may need attention – Identifying problems quickly, so that they can be addressed before they worse – Spotting abuse or negligence – Noticing any areas of care which could be improved 2. Provide alternative solutions available to the Spa Manager, in order to address any operational dilemmas; in ways that simultaneously improve the guest/visitor experience and the efficiencies of their operations. (LO4) The operation of a successful spa demands a combination of operational skills, systems and creative promotion. No longer it is possible to develop a Spa or Fitness/Wellness centre and expect that “if I built it, they will come.” – This should include an insight into how you would plan to overcome them (i.e. what you would do and why). – These suggestions should be clearly linked back to your analysis