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You have been hired by a local non-profit organization as part of a team of consultants that will improve the organization’s community presence. You will complete this task by evaluating its public website and a few of the technical documents on the website so that you can recommend improvements.
To complete this assignment, you will need to build upon the work you have done with SWAs 5 and 6 to:
Research and analyze the primary audiences for and purposes of the non-profit organization’s website;
Develop an evaluation of the website’s specific content and design, looking at strengths and weaknesses, making use of the PSTC principles from ch. 7, as well as your analysis of the primary audiences and purposes of the organization’s website;
Research 5-10 sources as evidence supporting the kinds of changes that would help the organization’s website and technical documents meet the needs of their primary audiences and improve their community presence;
Develop recommendations for improvements to and further development of the website and the technical documents on the website;
Include your analyses and recommendations in a memo to the supervisor of your team of consultants and the organization’s CEO; and
Provide your researched sources as an annotated bibliography in APA style (or the citation style used in your field) attached to end the memo. Click here for more information on what an annotated bibliography is

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