Assignment Description/Scenario You are an HR Consultant given a job to research HRIS Vendors to help a business resolve an HR issue. The business is currently faced with a few HR issues, for example, high turnover. Part of the problem may also relate to performance evaluations. The business has found that many employees have not been evaluated for years; this may be contributing to turnover. Also, because of the growing business, managing the benefits for employees has become cumbersome and takes most of HR’s time in assisting employees with choices and troubleshooting. Assignment Criteria You have been asked to find a technology solution to one of these problems: 1) turnover 2) performance evaluations 3) benefits management For example, what technology would help this company identify the core issue behind turnover? How might technology help decrease turnover and increase retention? What technology would help this business create a process and ensure employee performance is evaluated? What can technology do to reduce HR labor related to benefits management? Use the link to HRIS Vendors found in Webliography and research different HRIS vendors that might resolve your chosen problem. Your paper should fully evaluate one vendor and its relevant products/services. I’m not looking for a copy/paste of the vendor’s website information, but your review and analysis. Be sure to review product capabilities, product and service pros/cons, cost considerations, support and training issues, etc. Share why you chose this vendor. You will need to fully explain and justify your recommendation. Paper Mechanics  There is no page-count criteria for this paper, however, it should be thorough, yet concise (remember, this is a recommendation you’re providing as an HR Consultant).  Include all aspects of the assignment criteria, outlined on the previous page—these are good paper headings.  There should be minimal quoted material in this paper, <5%.  Cite in text when using words/thoughts that are not your own. All sources must be appropriately cited—use APA for in text and reference list citation formatting.  Include a reference page for source(s).  Follow APA formatting for citing and the reference page.  Put the paper title information on a separate page.  Use 12 pitch font (Arial, Times Roman), double spaced, and 1” margins as a standard format.  Do not include extra lines between paragraphs, etc.  Grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., will all be taken into consideration when awarding points.  Proofread your papers before submitting. Spell check is not foolproof.  Re content, if you make a statement, for example “all people who break the law should improve their communication skills to stay out of jail,” you need to substantiate that statement. If that statement is not your own thought or a statistic, cite. If it is your opinion, state that and explain what led you to that conclusion. Provide enough information to validate and explain the statement.  Treat these assignments as real-world situations. This will give you the opportunity to practice how you would research and provide information as an HR professional. Sources: One of the sources to reference: Kavanagh, M. J., & Johnson, R. D. (2018). Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions, 4th Edition.