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How would the metamorphic rock be classified if temperatures turned the rock into a liquid?
What depths (pressure) and temperature is considered for preexisting rocks to begin metamorphism?
Metamorphic rock geologic environments
Contrast the differences between contact and regional metamorphism on pre existing rocks. Draw a diagram
that represents contact and regional metamorphism.
Relationship question;
If you understand the condition for one type of metamorphism, how would you use the conditions to learn the
other type of metamorphism (contact vs. regional)
10. The geothermal gradient provides another type of heat source for metamorphism.
Observing the geothermal gradient diagram, what is the geothermal gradient telling you regarding the y-axis
and x-axis?
Fill in the blanks —- As depth increases, ____________________ increases, and ________________

If temperature was increased at a constant rate, what would the temperature gradient line look like on the
geothermal gradient graph?
At what depth does the geothermal gradient rise rapidly and what depths does the geothermal gradient
become less?
Why is the geothermal gradient rapid in the upper part of the earth’s interior?
11. As earth depth increases, pressure increases. Pressure on rocks is variable but can exist between two end
members —- from confining to differential type pressures.
Define confining and differential type pressures
Provide an example of confining and differential pressure
Relationship questions:
During metamorphic processes, which type of pressure do you think is dominant and why?
Describe some common metamorphic environments that would produce enough pressure to deform solid rock
How is the statement “solid-state-transformation” related to pressures deforming rock?
12. Remember that identification of rocks is a function of textural and compositional characteristics. In
metamorphic rock textures, geologists use the term foliation and non-foliation for identification.
Define the textural terms “foliated” and “nonfoliated”
Provide metamorphic rock examples for foliated and nonfoliated types.
Relationship questions:
What is the pressure/temperature relationship difference between the rocks gneiss and slate?
How does grain size tell the geologist if the rock was subjected to high or low metamorphism temperatures and

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