How to Write an Essay

Many students ask us how to write an essay, not just an essay but an award-winning essay. There are different strategies for writing a good essay that will mind-blow the reader or assessor. Writing an essay especially for academic purposes, you need to plan the flow of ideas. When writing an essay you must present your ideas in a sort of order so that it can make sense to a reader. Therefore, having a structure means attending to a reader’s logic or expected flow.

The structure dictates how the reader will receive the information hence, the essay’s structure should be unique to the main purpose to which you are writing it. Although there are no set guidelines or formula, your structure should answer the following questions, which makes parts of an essay.


This is your reader’s first question. To answer this question you must demonstrate that whatever evidence you have described is true. This section comes at the earliest stage of the essay; immediately after introduction. This is the point where as much as you have to write and explain much about your evidence, it should not take more than a third of your essay. Writing more than a third may result in lack of balance.

Strategizing to Write a Good EssayHow?

The reader wants to know whether the evidence presented is true. As this point, the writer is supporting their evidence. In this case, the reader needs to see how the writer is responding to a counterargument. The writer must present a new way of looking at the evidence and show another set of sources.


This question allows your readers to understand your essay in a wider context. This section gives a full answer to your “What?” question that was on your introduction. If you leave or forget this part your readers will see your essay as incomplete. Therefore, it is important that you explain vividly the implication of your evidence presented.