How to beat academic papers deadline

Most deadlines are absolutely rigid and many are the times that students complain that their instructors have not returned or graded them in good time on the assignments, test or papers as promised. Academic life is always based deadlines, but this is routinely disregarded as they appear to be the normal way of life, which is not. I have even seen school or college academic administrators plead with students’ instructors to complete their syllabus schedule in good time to allow students to prepare for exams.

For you to beat these deadlines, there are particular items that you need to put into consideration:-

  1. Prepare Early, Finish Early – Many students and instructors start preparing when it is a little bit too late for them to start on their assignment. From experience, whenever you start early, you have time to research on the items that seem to be difficult or not understandable at the particular time. As you have already worked on the skeleton ( I call it skeleton). The skeleton itemized the assignments into small tasks/topics, what to research on and your highlighted items to be clarified by your instructor or fellow students. These way adding meat to the bone is easy when you already have it. You will be sure of the items to research on and you will have time to research. More often than not, at the time you have been given a task, you tend to remember a lot of the things the task or assignment entails. These means it is easier to come up with the skeleton than on a later date.
  2. Set your own deadline –  Normally when you set your own deadline for finishing your assignment earlier than the set assignment submission deadline, you find time to even compare with your peers or even get consulted by your peers on the particular details in the assignments. This way you get additional ideas to be added to your academic paper thus enriching it.
    You can imagine having done ‘half’ of the assignment in full, then you fill the other half from consultations from colleagues who know you’re a deadline-freak. How about that? I am sure you are nodding your head. By the way, you may be having several assignmentsisbut if you set deadlines for each (avoid overlapping deadlines), you may put them in a sequence one after another.
  3. Ensure a minimum of 3 Citations  and References (Research) – 3 or more citations show your academic lecturer or instructor that you have done your homework well, if you get what I mean; researched well and you have gone through your work over and over again to ensure the citations are at the correct positions in the paper.
  4. Write it from Scratch – When you write your paper, be it an essay, dissertation or thesis from scratch, you ensure that you do not plagiarise other written articles online or anywhere as no one thinks the same, (in a similar way, maybe). Ensure you also check for plagiarism and or cite correctly.
  5. Share your thoughts (It’s just an assignment) – Many students think sharing an idea is a bad idea, but to say the list (someone said, ‘sharing is caring’), you enrich yourself if you share your thoughts on a particular subject. As long as you do not give your written documents, you can share or give an overview of what you have in your paper.

There are quite a number of things or practices for different people but the above worked for me especially in my final year in my undergrad as I had got a job and I was not used to busying life. So let me get your thoughts on how to beat academic papers deadline and if this article has helped you, on the comments section.


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