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Directions: Listen to the TED Talk below. Your assignment is to write five journal entries over the course of a week addressing how print materials (books, magazines, etc.) have shaped your goals and dreams. Each journal entry is worth five points for a total of 25 points. When writing your entries, think about how passionate the speaker’s delivery of how important books were to her life. Channel that same feeling / experience into your words.

Lisa Bu: “How Books Can Open Your Mind”

Filmed February 2013; posted May 2013; 6 min, 17 sec

Description: “What happens when a dream you’ve held since childhood . . . doesn’t come true? As Lisa Bu adjusted to a new life in the United States, she turned to books to expand her mind and create a new path for herself. She shares her unique approach to reading in this lovely, personal talk about the magic of books. Lisa Bu has built a career helping people find great stories to listen to. Now she tells her own story.”






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