Henry Ford Health System

 Describe and analyze the chosen healthcare facility. Location – where is the organization located. Type of setting – acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, physicians office, surgical center, insurance company, etc. Size of the facility – research the number of beds if applicable or other information on the size. Ownership – private, government owned, proprietary, voluntary, etc. Population served Services offered Any accreditation or certification facts (You can find these from the organization’s website, by searching accrediting organizations, such as The Joint Commission at https://www.jointcommission.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. , https://www.qualitycheck.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or DNV GL Healthcare at http://dnvglhealthcare.com/hospitals (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or by asking questions during the interview). Describe users of the health information and health information management functions at this organization. Internal users, such as physicians, nurses, administrators, coders, support services, therapists, pharmacists, etc.) External users depending on the type of the facility, such as accrediting agencies, payors, state department of health, CMS, and others as applicable. Patients – do they access health information through a patient portal. Explain whether this facility has paper medical records only, electronic only, or both/hybrid. Describe how users access these records (in whatever format). Describe health information functions performed at this organization such as patient registration, master patient index, quality checks, record filing, scanning, retrieval coding, billing, record storage, release of information, dictation, claims processing, health information transmission, registries, data abstraction, auditing, data transfer, patient education on using the patient portal, etc. (Note that not all of these functions may apply depending on the type of organization. You need to figure out as much as you can which ones apply and clarify that in your writing.) Identify any health information functions that may be outsourced and performed by another company or vendor. If possible, obtain the name of that company. Based on what you learned (through your readings, research, and the interview), share your interest in the health information functions – which ones seems more appealing to you at this time; why; what would you need to do to work in such function; and any other comments. Describe information technology or information systems used in the facility. Identify the name of the system and the vendor (e.g., Chart Locator software by 3M, Sunrise software by Eclipsys, etc.). If you have chosen to describe a technology, identify its name, such as Picture Archiving and Communication Technology (PACS).