Geographic Information Systems: The Future of GIS and Challenges

In this, provide your opinion and analysis of where you think the future of GIS for Emergency Management is heading. Your essay should be based on interview readings, and your own research. For example, include a response to the following questions: What do you think the future of GIS for disaster management will look like and why? What specific challenges need to be overcome to improve disaster management in future? Consider the following:

• Challenges with GIS technology and applications? • Challenges with the GIS and the disaster management decision-making process? • How will these challenges differ between the developed vs. developing world? Learning from the references and general knowledge, how might you expect GIS applications to evolve and improve (or diminish) the role of disaster management? Cite specific examples from interviews in the textbook as well as applications, technologies, articles and case studies to support your discussion. Give practical examples and be sure to discuss both the problems/challenges AND possible solutions. ***References 1. Read your textbook “Tomaszewski, B. (2014). Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.”: **Pay special attention to Chapter 9 – Special Topics: The Future of GIS for Disaster Management, Developing a GIS for Disaster Management Career, and Keeping Up with Current Trends (pp. 256-280) • THE FUTURE OF GIS FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT 2. Usability of Geographic Information: Current challenges and future directions 3. Geographic Information Systems in Developing Countries: Issues in Data Collection, Implementation and Management 4. Mapping the Future of Public Safety