GBGR/GBTR (Outside U.S.) – Essaylink


Go to the
homepage. Make sure you have read the content in the and
sections (as required in the Module) prior to completing this assignment.
On the homepage, scroll down until you see the heading “Look Up Most Recent Score by Country”
Using the click-down menu under both columns (“The F&M Global Barometer of Gay Rights” and “The F&M Global Barometer of Transgender Rights”), complete the following activity:
Look up the score for any TWO countries outside the United States of your choosing.
Type the name of the countries along with their respective scores in both categories at the top of your post.
After listing the scores for the two countries outside the U.S. of your choosing, post a brief response (at least 150 words) in which you answer the following questions:
What differences and/or similarities did you find between the U.S. and the countries you chose? What were your initial expectations? How did those expectations change, if at all, after looking up the grades? What conclusions can you draw about gay rights and trans rights from a global perspective?






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