External vs internal hiring

 Define the pros and cons of using internal resources versus external search firms (15%) This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR2 – Build the human resources planning steps in both individual and team settings CLR9 — Describe human resources management in an international context Objective of this Assignment: To apply human resource management principles surrounding recruitment and selection while identifying the most strategic approach to take in supporting a holistic search and positive outcome. Step 1: For this assignment, read the following scenario: You work for Good Balance Motorcycles, an international company that has a reputation for being competitive, innovative and focused on quality. Your company decides to launch a new venture based out of Europe that focuses on electric motorcycles. This has never been done before because the amount of horsepower that you plan to build into your products typically requires too many batteries, is too heavy to balance, and is not pleasurable to drive. Your boss assigns you to create an employee profile, conduct a job design process, and to recruit and select the one person in the world that might be able to pull this off. Step 1: Your first step is to determine whether your team will conduct the search, placing ads, and building a candidate pool, or if you will engage the resource of an external search firm. Your job is to create a formative rationale for your boss that outlines the pros and cons of internal versus external search firms. Step 2: a) Draft a job description for the position that includes a total of 8-12 qualifications, duties and education. b) Draft a four columned list outlining the pros and cons for using internal versus external firms. Step 3: c) Post your job description and list to the class discussion forum. d) Comment and discuss at least 4 other peer submissions with your classmates providing at least 100 words per post to demonstrate course understanding. You must design the job description and list from the scenario provided above. If there is information that you require that is not noted in the scenario, just make your own assumptions but ensure to note them in your assignment. The assignment details should be captured in a maximum of 500 words (minimum of 100 words per post) and a chart with 4 columns. It will be marked out of 15 based on the rubric below. Cite all your sources of information using APA formatting. Remember, personal communications from a professional in the field count as a reference source.