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More often than not we have found ourselves in a position where we are not sure where to start when writing an essay. Even writers in Get Custom Essays were at that position some time ago. With essay writing help, our customers are guided by professional essay writers who have over 8 years experience in essay writing.

Our writers offer guidance to students and non-student to know the kind of essay they are about to write. We also offer custom sample essays for purposes of giving a practical approach to our guide. We guide students on the different types of essays and how to write them. These kind or essays include

  • Narrative Essay – Gives details in a storytelling approach in order to give be vivid as possible of a subject matter.
  • Descriptive Essay – Explains details in order to give a picture of the subject matter.
  • Reflective Essay – Gives an examination and experiences of the subject.
  • Personal Experience Essay – Tries to describe one’s events and experiences in the chronological order.
  • Expository Essay – Presents a balanced analysis or facts of a topic.
  • Argumentative Essays – Gives a debate-like approach to a subject matter.
  • Observation essay – Gives an account of a particular object or subject matter based on visual. Explain as you see it kind-of-approach.
  • Literature Essay – Gives an assignment or examines and evaluates a particular literary work.
  • Persuasive Essay – Ensures that the writer convinces the reader to accept his/her point of view or recommendation.,
  • Compare & Contrast Essay – Gives similarities and differences between two distinct objects.

Our writers give simplicity to essay writing in order to give the customer confidence to be able to write similar essays in the future both for academics or something else.


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