English language arts“ The Other Side of the sky”

 Description Directions As another opportunity to practice writing for the DWA. Read the prompt Read the story. (Annotate as needed!) Plan for your essay (Make a chart that will help you identify the character traits) Begin writing (Use the assignment on Google Classroom) Write your essay here and turn it in on Google Classroom. Approximately 1,051,031 immigrant every year to the U.S. In this story “ The Other Side of the sky” Farah is trying to cross the border to go to Pakistan. While she is immigrating , she faces many challenges from mean garuds to the heat, lots of people in the crowd even to her mother getting tired. Farah is Brave, Strong, Grateful because in the story she faces so many things and no where in the story it say she mad or complains she is just keeping up. The first reason why Farah is brave is because in the story she says that the guards are very big and the have “Carbines” and they were going to pull it on them.