ENC 1102 The Mini Research Paper McWhorter.

The Argumentative Research Paper should preferably be on a Controversial topic, one that presents at least two sides to it. Choose a topic that you either are familiar with or want to learn more about. You should a have strong feeling for one side of the issue for it to be effective. However, you must also recognize that there are opposing viewpoints and provide documentation for that as well.  Topic: Choosing a current issue for your topic, which means something in the news in the past few years, might be easier to write on than a paper on an obscure subject. Be sure to choose a story that is sufficiently well known that you will be able to find adequate source material. You may want to visit the college library databases. Length: The main body of your paper should be at least 500 words long. Headings, the Works Cited Page, etc. do not count toward a paper’s word count. Quotations do count and are a vital part of the body of the paper. Sources: Your paper should incorporate at least two high quality sources suitable for college work. Quotes, paraphrases or summaries are acceptable. Formatting and Documentation: Sources, paper and works cited page must be documented in the current MLA style. See Purdue Owl.com or the Library website for guidelines. Organization and Development Your opening paragraph should outline the issue you are focusing on based on the two articles you have chosen. Include some general background material on the subject and then present a thesis statement that reflects your direction in the paper. You will want to have at least two body paragraphs that discuss the two articles you have chosen. You can handle this in a variety of ways. One way is to analyze one article in each paragraph, giving the author’s view and using quotes to support your claims. Then, your concluding paragraph should be just that: conclude without saying “In conclusion…” This could be very similar to your opening paragraph. You are combining the two elements we have been studying in this class: one is analysis of an article and the other is to defend and support your claims. Research Tentative Research Topic and source (articles) selection is due. Opening paragraph (including thesis statement) due. Discuss Works Cited page and MLA style for paper. Preferred language style US English.