Employees leaving minimum wage job with company for easier minimum wage job

PROJECT 2: SOLUTION PROPOSAL FOR A COMMUNITY PROBLEM This project has three parts: 1) written solution proposal – 140 points 2) multimodal component (with a separate public advocacy ad or public service announcement) and multimodal analysis – to be submitted with the rough and final drafts – 25 points


Think about some problem in your local community or current/future career, propose a feasible solution to this problem, and justify your solution with supporting reasons and evidence. To brainstorm ideas, think about what seems to be a pressing problem in your local community or field of work, what has been done or suggested so far to address it, how you plan on resolving this problem, and why your solution is the most effective one available. Your argument should include the following components:

• Description of the problem and its presence: Persuade your intended audience that this is a genuine problem in your local community or current/future career that needs solving; give it presence, and explain why it is a serious problem that needs to be resolved. (Make sure not to tackle the problem broadly, at the national scale.)

• Discussion of the alternative solutions and their drawbacks: Discuss 2-3 alternative solutions that have been previously used or suggested by others and explain (with evidence) their drawbacks.

• Description of the best solution (a proposal for action) that will help alleviate the problem: Show your target audience that your solution is logical and feasible and give details as to how it will be executed. You will want to avoid proposing multiple solutions. However, your solution can involve multiple steps or parts if they are closely related, can be addressed by the same decision-maker(s) and can be fully justified in the space of the project.

• Justification of the solution: Give 2-3 convincing reasons why your target audience should accept your proposal and act on it (what reasons would they be more likely to accept?), and explain (with evidence) why your solution is the most effective one available for your local community or current/future occupation

• Rebuttal of the concerns and objections: Address the most important/common 2-3 counter-arguments that your audience may bring up to challenge the importance of the problem, effectiveness and execution of your solution, and/or your supporting reasons and evidence; provide rebuttal with support. Topic Selection: The following topics are prohibited, as they either a) are too generic or common, b) are debated at a national or international rather than a community level, and/or c) are much too general in scope: Gun control, abortion, legalization of marijuana, euthanasia, death penalty, global warming, homelessness, vaccinations