DNS ,Sub-Domain , DNSLint utility

Requirements: This project is a group based project with not more than 3 members in a group. Each group should select one title as shows in table 2.

Task to do:

1. Understand your title. 2. Gather all the information relevant. 3. Construct the related tasks to your selected title with the required configurations and implementations. 4. Transfer into report not more than TEN (10) pages (Exclude: cover page and table of content). Report Content: Table 1 Report content and distribution marks Elements Details Format  Cover (University’s and Faculty’s names, subject name and code, project title, your name and ID, lecturer’s name)  Table of Content with roman number (i.e: i)  Font type: Century Gothic; Font size: 12  Paper: A4  Binding: 3 stapler, left side Introduction  Introduction about the topics that your group will be discuss on  Implementation/configuration  Result of your discussion. Topics  Topic introduction  List of Sub-topic that will be discussed with the explanation each (based on title given) Conclusion  Result of discussion  Summaries the topic of discussion Idea & Suggestion List of References Give the title book and URL for the reference