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Childhood Research Report Requirements:

Must use school aged individuals (4-18 yrs) for your target population

A. Name of Disease/Illness/Disorder/Health Condition:

Identify name, common and medical terms used.

B. Description:

State a description of the Disease/Illness/Disorder/Health Condition.
What is the causative agent? (name of pathogen, risk factors, behaviors)

What is/are the mode(s) of transmission? How does the disease/Illness/Condition develop?

What are the signs? (objective indicator(s), measurable, visible signs of illness such as rash, fever, bleeding, and/or the behavior)

What are the symptoms? (subjective indicators of illness usually difficult to measure such as pain, fatigue, weakness, restlessness)

If applicable:

Incubation period of disease? (time between pathogen entering system/body and the appearance of signs/symptoms).

Communicable/Contagious period? (time period in which the disease can be spread from one person to another)

C. Incidence and Prevalence:

Provide the incidence and prevalence of the Disease/Illness/Disorder/Health Condition.

Are the numbers increasing or decreasing? Are there any trends?

D. Treatment:

Are there treatments available?

What is the treatment?

Where and how is the Disease/Illness/Disorder/Health Condition treated?

E. Prevention:

Discuss preventative measures that can be taken.

F. Community Impact:

What is being done at the federal, state, and community level to prevent and treat this disease.

Are there any community, school, research programs in place?

G. Implications for the Educator/Teacher:

What types of actions/adjustments will a teacher in the school setting need to make for a child with the Disease/Illness/Disorder/Health Condition?


How could the school or classroom teacher prevent transmission?

Classroom Environment:

What modifications might be required?

Adaptations of the curriculum:

What types of curriculum changes will the teacher make for a student(s) with this disease/health condition?

H. References:

APA format
Minimum 5 different sources – You may not use the class text as a source
In text required

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