Digital life

 You had five total readings on growing up online. (Reading 1,2 3 is from last assignment which you alredy wrote my last discussion on it) featured a variety of topics: social media and body image; the impacts of Facebook and/or Instagram, the effect of Likes on youths neural and behavioral responses to photographs, etc. After reading all five of the readings and watching the video this week, answer the following three questions: 1.) Summarize what you learned from the five readings and video: The drug-like effect of screen time on the teenage brain about the the social, physical and cognitive impacts on development of growing up in the digital age. 2.) Based on the five readings and the video, what is still unknown about this subject? What gaps exist in the literature or data? 3.) Given the literature and video, discuss your “informed suggestions” on action/behaviors/intervention that you advocate. —Identify the key players (example – children/adolescents themselves, parents, teachers, legislators, community members etc.) Whatever you decide to advocate should be grounded in evidence and/or theory. Your responses should be 1-3 paragraphs maximum. Link. To the video: This assignment is time sensitive.