diabetes ; describe the rationale for this patient’s diagnosis.

Please watch the Grand Rounds video below. Please review Case 1, as discussed by Dr. Mokshangundam, and describe the rationale for this patient’s diagnosis. You should address the patient’s type of diabetes, associated laboratory abnormalities, and treatment plan for a patient with the given diagnosis. Support your response using Dr. Mokshangundam’s discussion points and peer-reviewed articles. You should also maintain APA formatting, as noted in your grading rubric. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay2wi1aUIac

• Internet documents including Google references, blogs, Wikipedia, .com, or other non-scholarly documents should not be used for references

• Creditable Internet websites include .org, .edu, .gov or Health On the Net (HON) approved sites

• Scholarly professional online journals retrieved from the library using bibliographic databases or national professional organizations are acceptable

• All articles must be within a five-year timeframe unless otherwise stated by the instructor or a classic/historical source as defined by APA

• Citation of an article/source/reference implies that the student has personally retrieved and read the cited work

• Complete citations within the body of the postings and the reference list according to APA format