Dante’s inferno

In the inferno, the words inscribed on the gate of hell announces “architect” (God) was inspired by “sacred justice,” suggesting that hell, like its gate, is the product of “divine omnipotence, primordial love and ultimate intellect” (iii. 4-6). in other words, while warning that Dante is about to enter a place of great suffering, the gate also promises a hell which has a connection to god’s justice, power, love, and intelligence. discuss the role played by these factors in the nature and structure of Dante’s version of hell. to what extent does the hell he describes merit the gate’s description? use Dante’s and Virgil’s experiences and observations in the assigned cantos to evaluate the inscription’s accuracy. whether you argue that the inscription is fully, partially, or not at all reflective of the hell that Dante observes, be sure to consider evidence that challenges your stance. Your personal religious views are not relevant here; focus on textual analysis as you explore how the poem supports itself.