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The floor plan below is a diagram of the second floor in a non-sprinklered mixed-use building. You are given the occupant load and the occupancy classification for each suite. Refer to International Building Code Table 1006.2.1 “Spaces with One Exit or Exit Access Doorway” (p.175 in the textbook) and ‘Exit Remoteness’ section on textbook pg. 187, and ‘Common Path of Travel’ section

Are there any dead-end corridors in the plan? (Refer to ‘Dead-End Corridors’ section.)

Suite A is already occupied by an insurance company. Is it possible to determine the maximum exit access travel distance for the suite? *Note: Travel distance is measured from the most remote point (usually the corner of a room) toward the nearest exit. The measurement starts 1 foot from the nearest wall and moves in a direct but natural path curving around any obstructions such as walls, furniture and equipment, or corners with a clearance of 1 foot.

How many doors are required for Suite B? Based on the floor plan configuration, is there any way to determine why they would be located on the second floor? (Note: Only respond to the first of these two questions.) D. Suite C is occupied by a government consultant working for a foreign government.

What is the Common Path of Travel distance from the corner private office?


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